About us and our mission to transform WHS.

Episafe is the brainchild of Jake Cole and James Teakle, two friends and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform workplace health and safety (WHS). A mission that’s going pretty well.

When we established Episafe in 2012, we set out to fundamentally change the way industry thinks about and addresses WHS. To make people safer. To make businesses more profitable at the same time. And to do it by making WHS easier.

Today, with a head office in Western Australia and a network of subject-matter experts working in the field across Australia and beyond, we’re doing just that.

Making WHS easier, more effective and enjoyable

In an ideal world, where everyone works safely and effectively, WHS isn’t a chore or a compliance-by-numbers process. It isn’t a linear A-B journey, with ‘Zero’ at the end of a WHS-incident rainbow.

In our world, WHS is an integral and integrated part of work and doing business. It’s constantly improving performance – not just WHS performance, but business performance and profitability.

How do we do it?

  • By bringing together the best people from across the WHS world to provide consulting, training and technology solutions that take the hard work – and guesswork – out of WHS.
  • By combining the science of safety management with the art of engaging hearts and minds.
  • By making WHS personal, adaptable and scalable instead of overwhelmingly technical.
  • By speaking in plain English instead of obscure acronyms and jargon.


WHS Consulting


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WHS Labour Hire and Recruitment


Never be afraid to do or try something new.


Make a promise, keep it. Make a mistake, own it.


Add value whenever and wherever you can.


Celebrate what makes you and Episafe unique.

See how easy and effective WHS can be

Check out our WHS consulting, training and recruitment and labour hire expertise. Better still, contact us and discover just how easy and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) WHS is with our team on yours.

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